Islamisches Zentrum Hamburg
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Imams Center

Imams Center

Ayatollah Reza Ramezani doctor in the city of Rasht in 1342 in a family of devout and religious calendar was born.'s 1357, while studying classical studies, religious education and seminary to be the unofficial follow up to the year 1359 officially entered the Rasht seminaries and preparatory courses in the areas where the teachers lived in the city in 1362 to continue his studies and moved to Mashhad, and with high levels professors as Hzrat verses Sabzevari magnanimity, salehi Saeedi rezazadeh , Mortazavi, and also spent some time studying the wisdom of the great philosopher Jalal al-Ashtiani attended. 

Professor Ramadan because of the desire to continue to spend higher and post graduate courses in science and jurisprudence jurisprudence in Qom in 1367 Hijra, he left and went and jurisprudence, and theology professors such notable courses Hzrat verses: FAZEL Lankarani, khorasani Vahid, Makarem Shirazi, Jafar Sobhani, B. Foman, Madadi Khorasani used for 14 years. Her favorite topics to follow and the Koran, philosophical, spiritual and moral well for 14 years during the course leaders in Qom revelations: Allama Javadi Amoli, Allama Hassan Zadh’ Amelie, Shiraz Ansari, Hakim al-Askari Gilani, Epistemology and the doctor Ahmad Beheshti companies and intellectual education, moral and spiritual teachers have also benefited.
Master, after attending seminary exams and provide scientific treatises, all the qualifications from Level 1 to Level 4 (which is calculated as a PhD) received. In 1384 he participated in the test and the degree of ijtihad were accepted. He is also a graduate of the seminary, college courses to PhD is finished.
Professor Ramazani's ability to understand academic content led to early education, teaching and spreading God's teachings and theological schools in Rasht, Mashhad, Qom and Karaj, in the field of Arabic literature, logic, philosophy, theology, Spirituality, ethics, interpretation and jurisprudence at all levels ranging from primary level to higher education.
He also taught at several universities and seminaries since 1367, teaching courses in ethics, science, tradition, mysticism and Persian literature, Islamic history, Islamic theology, the new theology, methodology, interpretation and rules of law have been.
Other activities can be established the first scientific research institute in the field of research ethics in the name of religion and ethics institute in 1379, membership and evaluators in philosophy and theology Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran Islamic Sciences various radio and television programs, evaluators Top of books, teachers and counselors at the graduate and doctoral theses and university areas, inside and outside the company and speak at seminars and faculty member at the Institute of Culture and Islamic thought since the year 1381, noted.
His pen and writing on various topics in the field of Qur'anic theology, mysticism, tradition, moral and legal, social, historical and cultural books and published numerous articles, some of which include: 1. Attitude of self-Man 2. Introduction to the Divine Names and Mystical Perspectives Quran 3. In relation to religious morality 4. Pathology, the Ashura religious movement 5. Science learning and amassing knowledge (described as a visual narration) 6. Religion and belief religious festival of Ashura Movement 7. Alasma’ Alhassani (Arabic) 8. Ethics and Spirituality 9. Brief overview of sin 10. Ashura Religious Culture Movement 11. Some of the Qur'an (Proceedings) 12. The mystic (Proceedings) 13. Faith Friday (Proceedings) 14. Reflection on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women 15. Young life and bud 16. Reform and reform of Ashoura 17. Call Thursday, Friday Prayers sermon Branch 18. Decisions Moral Allameh Tabatabaei 19. Introduction to the legal system of moral and family
It is worth noting that some of the books and papers in various languages ​​including English, German, Turkish, Arabic and Malay translations and has been well received.
Ayatollah doctor Ramezani after three years in charge at the Islamic Center of Imam Ali (AS) in Vienna on 30 April 2009 02.10.1388 According to the Imam and director of the Islamic Centre Hamburg and Deputy Supreme Shi'ite authority in religious and cultural activities in Germany began. 
His second session on 16.10.2010 in Germany Shiite Union scholars unanimously as chairman of the association were selected for monitoring and arbitration. Http:// 


The late scholar Mohammad Hojjat al-Islam, the first mosque in Hamburg in 1289. Proj. Clones born in the city.After elementary education in the city of Rasht, Tehran and was headed to study the new science education in schools and the Academy Kamalolmolk with Shnagrdyd French, Russian and Arabic literature also concluded arrangements Mds·h Marvi Tehran. 
The late scholar to continue his studies, he returned to Mashhad where he began studying the religious sciences. He taught at the same time as a lecturer in mathematics and then headed to Qom, Mashhad and Qom, the theological higher levels followed while in the city of astronomy, physics, and other natural sciences, for students interested in the teaching. 
In the year 1330 AD. Proj. Were transferred to Tehran in 1334 and confirmed the order of the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi Hamburg mosque for prayers and religious activities were headed to Germany and spent nearly ten years with the efforts of many religious services in the city to pay. 
During this time, the cornerstone of the mosque of Imam Ali (AS) was founded in Hamburg, part of the mosque was built under the supervision of their activities and the mosque began. 
The late scholar after the death of Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi and again returned to Qom Seminary taught the town. In the year 1348 AD. Proj. At the age of 59 he died in Qom


Ayatollah Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti in 1307 AD. Proj. The city was born and began his education in four years in this town. Elementary and secondary school at the end of the range. Then with great interest the study on the theological seminaries and schools of Islamic science to the level of spending. 
Learning English at the same pay period. He will leave for Qom to study abroad courses (A Lytryn of education in Islamic jurisprudence) at the sight of great teachers like Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Ayatollah Mohaghegh Damad, spent Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Khonsari. 
The year 1327 has arrived in Tehran University was looking for new science education in the field of Theology and Islamic Studies was awarded a PhD. He spent five years studying philosophy in the late Allameh Tabatabaei in Qom was also present in the city's high school English teacher pay. 
In the year 1333 AD. Proj. Along with a group of high school friends, "Religion and Science", and founded the "Islamic Association of Qom students and educational" to the founders. In the years 1340 and 1341 due to government pressure, was forced to leave Qom and Tehran to be migrated. In Tehran, along with religious activities, along with several scholars took an active role in rewriting school books and religious teachings. 
In the year 1344 AD. Proj. Mimic the Grand Mosque is the second time was left for Hamburg and director of the Islamic Centre Hamburg and worked for nearly six years, took on the responsibility. 
During this time the Islamic Centre Hamburg as a center of scientific and cultural activities for all Muslims become widespread activities in order to introduce the teachings of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims living in Europe gave. Late Ayatollah Beheshti in the formation of student organizations in Europe and also establish contact and dialogue between religions role in the German scientific community. In the year 1349 (1970 AD) and the return to Iran of science and intellectual activities, work, writing books to follow religious teachings in schools. In 1354 and 1357 the regime was arrested and imprisoned for a time. 
The beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in order to focus on activities with community clergy and other "militant clergy" Tehran's style was based. Of the "Revolutionary Council" was chosen by the Imam as a member of the council, and it took an active role. 
In the early days of the revolution, along with a number of priests and other militant forces, "Islamic Party" founded and was elected as its GeneralSecretary. 
Of the "Assembly of Experts of the Constitution" by the members of the House, was elected vice chairman of the Assembly. After ending the responsibility of the judiciary and President of the Supreme Revolutionary Council was elected. Along with 72 of his ministers, parliamentarians and personalities of the servant of the Islamic Revolution in 1360, the seventh of July. Proj. Was martyred at the hands of terrorist groups. Ayatollah Beheshti books and numerous articles on philosophy, theology, jurisprudence and Islamic economics was written.

Mohammad Mehdi Shabestari priest in 1315. Proj. Shabestar was born in the city of the city of East Azarbaijan province. He finished elementary education in Tabriz. Hojat Shabestari leave for Qom in 1331 to study religious sciences and settled in the city for 17 years. In addition, during these years of study and teaching, theological and missionary activities, writing articles for the magazine "Islamic school" payment. In the year 1348 AD. Proj. Invite as assistant to the late Ayatollah Beheshti Islamic Center in Hamburg, Germany was bound for about a year in the late Beheshti became the center of activity. After returning to Iran's Ayatollah Beheshti Shabestari mosque leadership and management responsibility for approximately seven and a half years in charge of the Hamburg Islamic Center. 
During this period, many parts of the completion of construction works mosque, a cultural and scientific activities and also participate in joint dialogue between religions and payment. He has been in 1356. Proj. Return to Iran after the Islamic revolution in Iran as representative of the first parliament was elected by the people. The faculty members of Tehran University and earned a master's degree in theology at the University of Tehran, Islamic theology, philosophy of religion and religious history taught. 
Hojatoleslam Shbshstry currently Besides teaching and research at Tehran University, the Department of Theology at the "Great Islamic Encyclopedia" is. Dr. Shabestari of articles and books on theology and hermeneutics is the new academic circles have been considered. 
And the Brotherhood of Mohammad Khatami in 1322. Proj. Ardakan was born in the city of Yazd. Ardakan He spent his elementary and high school with education in 1340 AD. Proj. To be moved to Qom theological learning. 
In 1344, he matched the higher levels of the Qom Seminary, studying philosophy at university, and after obtaining his bachelor's degree in education and learning 
Following post-graduate course in 1350 and then returned to Qom to study theology and philosophy in addition to the principles of Fiqh Islam. 
Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Khatami during political campaigns between 1350 and 1357, along with another group of students to be served. 
In the year 1357 AD. Proj. Proposed by the late Ayatollah Beheshti, and approving major religious authorities time off to Hamburg and the fourth Imam, Imam Mosque and management responsibilities assumed Hamburg Islamic Center. He is responsible for, enabled Islamic Center as a religious and cultural center in Europe provided valuable activities.

Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Khatami at the end of 1358, the first representative of the people as the parliament was elected in June 1359 and returned to Iran. He is responsible for supervising the Persian date Aban 1359 "Cosmic Institute" also took over in the fall of 1361 and was appointed as the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.During this time he joined the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and President of the Presidency of the Council of Public Culture Council also presided over the expansion of Persian language and literature. 
After working for 10 years in the ministry in 1371 and resigned from the position as advisor to the president, and chairman of the National Library and the public libraries of the country were active in the teaching of academic excellence aphid theology and political thought of Islam. 
In 1376 he was elected as president of Iran and the People during his presidency theory "dialogue of civilizations" with the goal of peace, the rule rather than the theory of "clash of civilizations" that the international community was wide attention. Several books have been written on various topics of Khatami and some of them have been translated into other languages. 

Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Mehdi Moghadam in 1330 AD. Proj. Was born in the city of Qom., He finished his primary schooling in the city and in 1343 entered the theological seminary was to study the time to learn the science of jurisprudence, principles and philosophy. 
In 1357 he was followed by speeches in mosques and community Savak Tehran, was arrested and spent several months in jail Zhrym. Prior to the Islamic Revolution's various responsibilities 
Then in 1359 the charge was. Proj. (1980) proposed by the late verification of Shahid Beheshti and Imam mosques and religious authorities of the time as director of the Islamic Center in Hamburg, was on duty for more than 12 years in the center of the active. Their activities during the period of Islamic Center is one of the most lively interplay. 
Including his service tenure in charge of the Islamic center to be established English language training for children with language-Fajr published in the German magazine, and journal Pediatrics, Lecture Notes in writing about issues of the German language, German language with of religion Forums holding seminars, scientific and cultural center, and offers subject to participation in scientific circles Persian, Arabic and German, holding educational seminars for students, the repair and reconstruction of the building and completion of capital and other parts of the lower floors of the building named in. 
Hojatoleslam before June 1371 (1992 AD) and now the return of scientific, cultural and religious are working in Tehran. 

Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi Mohammad Bagher Ansari in June of 1325. Proj. Was born in city neighborhoods. His elementary education began in 1337 in the city of Qom Seminary began his theological studies in which the new science education in high schools established in the city. Hojat Ansari also engaged in theological learning English, Russian, German and Arabic, and in the year 1348 AD. Proj. His translation of the first book was published in Arabic to English. Then, out of the 12 years the study of jurisprudence, principles and philosophy. 
In the year 1350 AD. Proj. Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti organ trio studies under five years of research and interpretation, philosophy of religion, including Christianity, Islam and the West were engaged. At the same time, the translation of a book on Christian beliefs, religions and sects from English to Persian payment. 
In the year 1351 AD. Proj. Office of International Relations (ISLAMIC RESEMICH INSTITUT) in Qom established a relationship "with a wide range of cultural and scientific institutions in the world, established on the cross. 
Mr. Ansari after the Cultural Revolution and advertising agencies assume the various responsibilities and supervision of the English Language (ECHO OF ISLAM) accepted. 
He in 1361 AD. Proj. 10 years in the department of international Islamic organizations served as editor of the English-language Tehran Times(TEHRAN TIMES) was responsible. Because of their familiarity with the teachings of Islam and Muslims in different parts of the world, research in this area has had several trips. 
Hojat Ansari in 1471 as the sixth imam and director of the Islamic Centre Hamburg and served until 1378, he held for seven years and is now the responsibility of the scientific and is engaged in religious. Mr. Ansari has Talyfaty articles on different aspects of Islam and Christianity is about Pzhhshhayy. 

Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi Seyed Reza Hosseini, the parentage, was born in 1960 AD in the city. At the age of 16 years of public school learning science for Qom religious seminary Lymh presented. In the city of Qom to learn classical logic, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology, science, tradition and cosmology payment. She Arabic, Persian and English proficiency and the language well enough to be spoken. 
Hojjat al-Husseini in genealogy? Canada at the invitation of Muslims moved to Toronto, where for four years was engaged in religious activities. During his term of four major institutions (Asr Islamic Center in Toronto, meeting Albite from North America, from the Center for Educational Institute of albite in Ottawa and Ottawa) was established. Also they Dvmjlh THE RIGHT PATH "and" No, the first one in English and the second language is English style was based. 
From early 1999 to 2003, he managed the Hamburg Islamic Center and mosque Imams, Imam Ali was responsible. 

Ayatollah Sayyed Abbas Ghaemmaghami attributed to one political scientist in Tehran, and clean-living family time, Mirza Sayyid Abul Deputy Farahani was born. His father is Nbyrh vice chancellor Shahid is mediated by four of the thirty-four by Deputy ancestry to Imam Zein Al-Abideen (AS) leads. 
قائم مقامي از نخستين سالهاي تحصيل رسمي ، همزمان فراگيري علومديني را در حوزه علميه تهران آغاز كرد و طي چند سال از محضر استادان بزرگ و نامدارحوزه هاي علميه تهران و قم در رشته هاي فقه ، فلسفه و عرفان بهره برد و در نخستين سالهاي جواني به درجه اجتهاد رسيد. 
Surrogate in the seminary courses and self-help in learning new philosophy and philosophy politics turned serious. 
He also teaches jurisprudence, principles Vflsfh Seminary, taught for many years at the University of Tehran in the Department of Islamic philosophy, Islamic mysticism principles of jurisprudence and Islamic law, theology and comparative political thought, and in 1374 was employed by the Department of Berkeley Near Eastern U.S. higher education courses in the fields of spirituality and theology were invited. Sarqaym position in some theories to explain the project and has been investigated in the process of human Rvshmndql interference perceived legitimacy EPHEMERIS sentences, subjective the distinction between legitimacy of (legitimize the ) Azmshrvyt objective and the latter emphasizing the necessity of political sovereignty, a methodological critique Ajthadbrmbnay cosmological principle and it is classified. 
He published a series of articles that were written in 1368, with the first model of religious Alfragh the least of Ijtihad and accepted principles of law based on the technical principles of jurisprudence was presented. 
The book "explores the religious," which includes a set of ideas which he Bashddr religious seminaries in 1377 as a book in the field of jurisprudence was the first order of importance. 
He has over one hundred articles and books on various topics philosophical, mystical and religious rights has been published. Power and legitimacy of books, travel, love, contemplation, and the endless suffering of the Quran are portal. 
His surrogate in the year 1377 (1998 AD) as a young priest, participated in the parliamentary elections of jurists. From the beginning in 2004 until May 2009 as Head of Hamburg Islamic Center imam and director of the academy has been working in Germany. 
He was elected in May 2006, the European Union and Tyvlvg·hay Shia Ulema (IEUS) was elected president of the association in March 2009 and the date of the founding of the German Parliament, the Shiites (IGS) and the vast majority of elected officials and heads of mosques and centers The head of Germany's Islamic Council Ion late 2010 was undertaken. Http:// Http://